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“It makes no sense to plant highly allergenic trees or shrubs close to where we live.”

Dr. Walter H. Lewis
America's foremost pollen expert, author of Medical Botany, and, Airborne and Allergenic Pollen of North America, John Hopkins University Press


The Society for Allergy Friendly Environmental (SAFE) Gardening, a California public benefit corporation, was founded in March 2013 with the purpose of offering a healthy alternative to the all-too-common highly allergenic landscapes found in all of our cities.

The primary objectives and purposes of SAFE Gardening are:

  • ​To provide leadership and the building of cooperative partnerships in allergy friendly gardening.
  • To improve public awareness and education about allergy friendly gardening and its roles in the environment, and
  • To coordinate actions and solicit cooperation and funding from government, the private sector, communities, groups, associations and individuals in support of allergy friendly gardening and public education.


Latest News/Information


Tom Ogren, on behalf of SAFE Gardening, participated in planting an allergy-friendly tree to honor Christian Dalugdug.  Christian was an 8-year old, third-grader at Joseph Weller Elementary School who died on December 27, 2014 due to complications from asthma followed by cardiac arrest.  SAFE Gardening was grateful to be able to participate in this special event.  

To read more, go to:  Christian Dalugdug                                                                                                                 

 Red Maple - "Allergenic potential" of the Red Maple or Acer rubrum based on OPALS allergy scale included in Wikipedia entry.  Go to: Acer rubrum

 Top Water-saving Tip!  Do you have a plant in a pot that keeps drying out?       By Nigel Clarke

To keep a plant in a pot from drying out, cut out the bottom of a nice pot.  Then dig below the area where the pot will be placed.  Place the pot on top of the ground and then plant normally.

If the pot is to be placed on a patio (as seen in this photo), it may involve cutting out a portion of a cement slab.  Backfill the area underneath where the pot will be placed with a good moisture holding compost and water holding granules.  Sink the pot about a quarter into the ground.  If the width of the hole is bigger than the pot, you can put gravel or granite chippings around it.

The roots of the plant growing out of the bottom of the pot help secure it to the ground and keep it from tipping over if it gets top heavy.  Using this method allows the plant to get more moisture and makes it easy to water from top to bottom with no water being wasted.

[The photo shown on the left is of a pot planted in the manner described here at St. Andrews School in Guernsey, U.K.)

 th Living in a drought area?  Need ideas for drought tolerant and allergy friendly plants.  Click here. 

Monarch Butterfly 300 dpi  Join the Milkweed Highway - To learn how, click here.


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