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Tom Ogren, a member of our Board of Directors and author of "The Allergy Fighting Garden" will be a speaker at the upcoming "Landscape Literacy: Get the Dirt for 2019" being held on February 2, 2019 in San Diego.  See the flyer for this event by clicking here.

Peter Prakke, a member of our Board of Directors and author of the "Veterans Gardening Guide" will be a guest of CHCH Radio (Hamilton, Ontario) on February 18, 2019 at 8 a.m.  Make sure to tune in to listen.

 Future Leaders in Science Award



Two 14-year-olds from Ottawa, Jenna Devine-Durcharme and Zoey Phillips, have won a bronze medal at the Canada-Wide Science Fair and a Future Leaders in Science Award for their aerobiology project linking pollen and allergies and making green spaces allergy friendly.

Congratuations to Jenna and Zoey!


Watch the video "Tom Ogren on Trees in the Built Environment."  Click here to see this interesting and informative video.

Information on Allergy Trapping Hedges has been added to our "Allergy Friendly Plants" page under the LEARN heading.  There are three hedge plants highlighted - Big Glossy Girl, Green Girl, and Tall Girl.  To learn about these exciting allergy friendly hedges,  click here.

Learn about Bravery Parks - a living memorial for all Canadian soldiers that uses allergy friendly plants only [click here].  


Monarch Butterfly 300 dpi  Join the Milkweed Highway - To learn how, click here.

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