Guernsey Girl


Laurus nobilis  ‘Guernsey Girl’is an extra-choice, pollen-free selection, with the best OPALS® rating of #1.  It is a popular evergreen shrub or small to medium-sized tree.  ‘Guernsey Girl’ is suitable as a high-light indoor plant, is great for outside containers, or for growing in the ground. Bright green foliage and a tight growing pattern makes for solid hedges and can create stunning formal shapes to frame an entrance.  It looks perfect on a patio.

Guernsey Girl’ has been developed by Nigel Clarke on the Isle of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, is Native to the UK, and can be found at the Queux Plant Centre, Isle of Guernsey. 
  • Allergy-free; child and pet safe; drought-tolerant; easy to grow; can be used in shade or full sun. 
  • Pollinator-friendly:  Has nectar-rich flowers that attract many beneficial pollinators. 
  • Tolerant of pruning and shearing: can be trimmed into almost any shape. Pruned correctly, it can be well used as an allergy-free Christmas Tree. 
  • Pollen production:  Produces no pollen and it traps pollen from other plants. 
  • Uses:  Its leaves can be used fresh or dried and are used in cooking to give a fragrant flavor to soups, stews and other savory dishes.
Note:  Asexual propagation without permission is not allowed. 

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