Articles of Interest - 2014

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Funds for school health centers target asthma  [December 31, 2014]

Our top tips for allergy-free gardening  [November 7, 2014]

What doctors are warning parents about allergies and asthma in kids  [November 6, 2014]

UCLA study: Asthma harms more than just the lungs, may be more harmful than previously thought  [November 5, 2014]

Allergy suffers, beware: The next 100 years could be a doozy thanks to climate change  [November 5, 2014]

Plant healthy landscapes ... and breathe easier  [October 14, 2014]

Pollen app will track hayfever in the ACT  [September 26, 2014]

On the Re-sexing of Trees and Other Matters Respiratory  [September 21, 2014]

Particulate matter modifies the association between airborne pollen and daily medical consultations for pollinosis in Tokyo  [September 2014]

Sex In The Garden, Blame Those Male Plants!  [July 19, 2014]

Sneezy living: Dallas among the worst for allergy sufferers  [July 16, 2014] 

You Might Be Allergic to Global Warming  [May 8, 2014]

Severe Asthma - The Canadian Patient Journey - Executive Summary  [May 6, 2014]

Male Mulberry trees stir up pollen problem in Berkeley  [April 22, 2014]

Late spring, high pollen counts could cause 'perfect storm' for asthma suffers  [April 4, 2014]

Allergy Alert: Tidal wave of pent-up pollen could be headed our way  [April 2014] 

Asthma's Impact on California  [April 2014]

Ask a Scientist: Why is there so much pine pollen in the air?  [March 30, 2014]

Allergies - A Compelling Argument for Wellness Screenings  [January 29, 2014]

Birch Trees Now Asthma Villains  [January 18, 2014]

Riach Stands Firm in Birch Battle  [January 14, 2014]

Regulating Pollen by Brian Sawers - Minnesota Las Review Headnotes 96  [2014]

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