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Prior to 2013 

WebMD: Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Nationwide [November 12, 2012]

Even low pollen levels can trigger kids' asthma [December 1, 2011]

Visitors will breathe a little easier at Marydale Park [July 2011]

Creating the Allergy-Friendly Garden  [July 2, 2010]

The Role of Allergen Exposure and Avoidance in Asthma   [April 21, 2010]

Central City Street Trees & Gardens Master Plan - Christchurch City Council - see top of page 13 [2010]

Air pollution effects on structure, proteins and flavonoids in pollen grains of Thuja orientalis L. (Cupressaceae)   [Published online: September 10, 2009]

Note:   "Several lines of evidences indicate that most air pollutants enter the plant tissues and act primarily through the production of reactive oxygen species."

This means that most man-made air pollutants are absorbed by plants, especially trees. The entire trees thus are polluted. From SAFE's point of view, a female      tree will shed no pollen and thus no one living near it will get exposed to all of that pollution that is already in the tree. A male tree, on the other hand, will also be just as polluted as the female ones BUT the male tree will shed a large amount of pollen and this pollen will be inhaled by people living or working near it. Along with the pollen inhaled, will be all of the pollutants that the tree has been absorbing.

Allergies Increase: Botanical Sexism in Urban Environments Leads to Higher Pollen Counts  [July 14, 2009]

Babies born in pollen and mold seasons have greater odds of developing asthma symptoms   [February 23, 2009]

Tree Allergy Woman Critical [June 17, 2007]

How common is asthma in the Philippines?   [2004]

Pollen linked to heart and lung deaths  [April 28, 2000]

More Serious Than Sneezing?  High Pollen Linked to Death  [April 27, 2000]

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