Articles of Interest - 2018

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Brave new world...of non-allergenic parks in Hamilton  [December 9, 2018]


Plants for Clearning the Air  [November 12, 2018]


Children's Right to Play and Recreation in Urban Areas  [October 15, 2018]


How Botanical Sexism Agitates Your Allergies   [August 29, 2018]


 Not all plants trigger allergies  [May 15, 2018]


'Pollen bomb' video shows that the male species is responsible for your allergies  [May 11, 2018]


Allergy season is getting longer in parts of Canada.  Blame climate change, experts say  [May 6, 2018]


Guernsey resident celebrated at our Allergy Heroes Awards  [May 4, 2018]


We calculated how much money trees save for your city  [April 27, 2018]


Pollen-allergy researcher Tom Ogren talks allergy friendly gardening  [April 24, 2018]


Tokyo struggles with worst hay fever outbreak on record  [April 23, 2018]


'Pollen bomb" brings misery after joy of warm weather  [April 22, 2018]


How to Keep Allergens Out of Your Garden with Expert Thomas Ogren  [April 11, 2018]


In sniffling Islamabad, pollen allergies soar as spring brings less rain   [April 9, 2018]


Antibiotics and antacids linked to allergies in kids   [April 6, 2018]


the Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson (Hour 1)  [April 5, 2018)


'BOTANICAL SEXISM'?  Scientist blames allergies on 'male-dominated' tree planting   [April 5, 2018]  


Tips for making your home a pollen-free zone   [April 3, 2018]


Botanical sexism with trees making seasonal allergies worse   [April 3, 2018]


Plants for health   [March 2018]


NICH Releases The Power of Plants: Enriching Lives, Creating Jobs, Building Wealth, Saving Money  [March 30, 2018]


Is 'botanical sexism' making allergies worse?   [March 29, 2018]


CDA Plans to Remove Paper Mulberry Trees   [March 29 2018]


Be Aware of Pollen!  Allergenic Plants   [March 16, 2018]


Tom Ogren on Trees in the Built Environment    [March 12, 2018]


Not to be sniffed at    [March 2018]


Impact of Cleaning Products on Women's Lungs as Damaging as 20-A-Day Cigarette Habit: Study   [February 18, 2018] 


Want Cleaner Air?  Try Using Less Deodorant   [February 16, 2018]


Opinion: Here's a Way You Probably Haven't Thought of to Reduce Allergies and Asthma   [February 13, 2108]


Trees make you healthier, but choose wisely   [January 10, 2018]




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