Society for Allergy Friendly Environmental Gardening


Society for Allergy Friendly Environmental Gardening

Make the world a healthier place; use allergy-friendly plants in your gardens and landscapes.


The Society for Allergy Friendly Environmental (SAFE) Gardening, a California public benefit corporation, was founded in March 2013 with the purpose of offering a healthy alternative to the all-too-common highly allergenic landscapes found in all of our cities. It makes no sense to plant highly allergenic trees or shrubs close to where we live. Dr. Walter H. Lewis America's foremost pollen expert, author of Medical Botany, and, Airborne and Allergenic Pollen of North America, John Hopkins University Press

Board of Directors

John Banks
Lifetime gardener and allergy sufferer who has long been interested in and involved with allergy free gardening concepts, education efforts and projects. Click here to read more
Nigel Clarke
Owner, Queux Patio Plant Centre (Guernsey, UK). Click here to read more
Thomas L. Ogren
President of the non-profit and Health/Allergy/Horticulture consultant Expert in identifying the sex of landscape plants. Click here to read more
Peter Prakke
Horticultural Consultant; Ancaster, ON,CN Click here to read more
Vicki Stover
Allergy sufferer and avid gardening enthusiast Click here to read more


Rachele Melious
Rachele Melious Biochemist, Horticulturist and Aeroallergen specialist (pollen and mold counting)
Dr. Harris Steinman, M.D.
Dr. Harris Steinman, M.D. Allergist, writer, researcher

Objectives and Purposes

The primary objectives and purposes of SAFE Gardening are:
  1. To provide leadership and the building of cooperative partnerships in allergy-friendly gardening.
  2. To improve public awareness and education about allergy-friendly gardening and its roles in the environment, and
  3. To coordinate actions and solicit cooperation and funding from government, the private sector, communities, groups, associations and individuals in support of allergy-friendly gardening and public education.