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Aarhus bans birch trees in public places  [November 16, 2015]

Drought prolongs allergy season  [October 1, 2015]

Seasonal Allergy Induced Back Pain: A Report of Two Cases  [September 10, 2015]

The Allergy Fighting Garden Book by Thomas Leo Ogren  [September 4, 2015]

Hay fever 'bar to university places'    [August 26, 2015]

Hypoallergenic parks: Coming soon?  [August 26, 2015]

Ancaster's Peter Prakke works toward a healthy environment by using allergy-friendly plants  [August 20, 2015]

Interview with Tom Ogren, The Allergy Fighting Garden  [Blog - August 2015]

Did You Check the Schoolyard?  [August 4, 2015]

Allergy Suffering People Can Still Enjoy Gardening  [July 23, 2015]

Make national park nothing to sneeze at  [July 15, 2015]

The world's most allergy-prone destinations revealed  [June 22, 2015] 

Tom Ogren: "Optimize an Allergy Fighting Landscape" Talks at Google  [June 8, 2015]

Will city consider sneeze-free policy?  [June 1, 2015]

Creating the Allergy-Friendly Garden  [Spring 2015]

ER Visits for Asthma Rising Among Kids in California  [May 30, 2015]

First SAFE gardening accreditation and OPALS certification awarded  [May 29, 2015]

Worst Allergy Seasodn Ever!  [May 28, 2015]

Classmates dedicate bench, plaque to young asthma victim  [May 28, 2015]

Climate change could bring new hay fever misery to the UK  [May 25, 2015]

How to Create an Allergy-Friendly Garden  [May 15, 2015]

Sneeze-free gardening is possible, horticulturist says  [May 3, 2015]

Allergenic Plants, Asthma & Absenteeism   [May 2015]

Single-gender landscaping could contribute to the suffering  [Updated April 27, 2015]

Nigel Clarke's allergy gardening guide  [April 7, 2015] 

Gardening Is Nothing To Sneeze At  [April 6, 2015]

Pollen, We Have a Problem  [April 1, 2015]

Plant An Allergy-Fighting Garden  [March 31, 2015]

Gardendaze's Blog: A Great Read for Allergy Season  [March 27, 2015]

Book Review: The Allergy-Fighting Garden [March 23, 2015]

23 Best Plants for Allergy Sufferers  [March 16, 2015]

Something in the air...sets off allergies in Japan  [March 8, 2015]

How to create an allergy-free garden this spring  [March 5, 2015]

Why This Allergy Season Will Be The Worst  [March 2, 2015]

'Allergy-Fighting Garden' plants solutions for those with allergies, asthma  [February 17, 2015]

Asthma-related app in the works for Dubai  [February 10, 2015]

An interview with allergy gardening expert Thomas Leo Ogren  [January 30 2015]

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