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Thunderstorms can trigger deadly asthma epidemics  [December 8, 2016]

Suicide and the myth of the holidays  [December 7, 2016]

Air Pollution, Pollens and Childhood Asthma - Is There a Link?   [December 2016]

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Outdoor Design Manual - see Page 33   [Last Update - November 17, 2016]

Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Office Workers: A Controlled Exposure Study of Green and Conventional Office Environments, Joseph G. Allen, Piers MacNaughton, Usha Satish, Suresh Santanam, Jose Vallarino, and John D. Spengler   [October 25, 2016]

Gasp! London's poor air quality, its impact on children and how play activities can be part of the solution [October 17, 2016]

'Cleaner world' increases allergy hospital admissions by 33% in five years  [October 12, 2016]

How Climate Change Affects Asthma and what you can do about it  [October 2016]

Bungalows of Ancaster replacing ash trees with allergy-friendly alternatives  [September 23, 2016]

Over 65's Encouraged to Get Active and Stay Active  [September 7, 2016]

False aller-gation  [September 6, 2016]

Khan Academy Talent Search 2016 Submission - Level: High School - Focus: Biology - Subject: Pollen   [You Tube - August 1, 2016]

Children and Nature Network Launches Green Schoolyards Initiative to Increase Equitable Access to Green Space for Children   [July 8, 2016]

Put pollen in its place  [June 2016]

Pollen allergies have increased among Swedish adults  [June 21, 2016]

Tree plantation Vs post plantation surveillance  [June 21, 2016]

Closing the book on pollen: Ontario MPP wants to ban schools from growing allergenic plants  [June 2, 2016]

CDA to remove male paper mulberry trees to check pollen allergy  [May 5, 2016]

Milpitas: Weller Elementary plants allergy-friendly tree in honor of beloved student  [April 22, 2015]

Tree sex and the ozone  [April 1, 2016]

ALLERGY ALERT: Millions to be hit by outbreak as Britain faces hottest EVER summer   [March 31, 2016]

The Garden That Fights Pollen - Page 54  [Spring 2016]

Gardening - Organic Treatment for Fire Ants  [March 4, 2016]

Planting An Allergy-Friendly Future - Grower Talks Magazine  [January 29, 2016]

Plant cross reactivity and its fallout for allergy suffers  [January 2016]

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