Society for Allergy Friendly Environmental Gardening


Look for a new book - the Veterans Gardening Guide

Peter Prakke's new book encourages gardeners to choose a healthy balance of plant choices and is a must read for individuals wanting a healthier planet.

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Trees in the Built Environment

Watch the video "Tom Ogren on Trees in the Built Environment." There's so much to learn from this interesting and informative video online.

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Not to be sniffed at

Look for an article titled "Not to be sniffed at" in the March 2018 issue of The Garden. The Garden is published by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in the United Kingdom. The magazine features articles on practical gardening and provides information on plants, events and shows.

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Best Allergies Books 2017

The "Allergy-Fighting Garden" book is on the list of recommended books on allergies for 2017. Healthline put together a list of books to check out.

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Allergy Trapping Hedges

Information on Allergy Trapping Hedges has been added to our "Allergy Friendly Plants" page under the LEARN heading. There are three hedge plants highlighted - Big Glossy Girl, Green Girl, and Tall Girl. To learn about these exciting allergy friendly hedges.

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